The Movie

The Film

Quantum Quest tells the story of Dave (Chris Pine) a photon who refuses to grow up and leave the Sun. Until one day, circumstances force him on a quest to save his fellow photons from being annihilated by THE VOID (Mark Hamill) and his anti-matter forces lead by Admiral Fear (Samuel L. Jackson), General Ignorance (Tom Kenny) and Major Moron (Jason Alexander). THE VOID desires everything that exists to be destroyed. THE CORE is a being that lives in our Sun, he seeks to stop THE VOID. His children are photons, neutrinos and photons born in the core of the Sun. The best of the best of the “Sun Citzens” are selected to join The Core’s Battle Fleet which fights the anti-matter forces of THE VOID.

To avoid spoiling your movie experience, Dave’s story is kept a secret. But what we can tell you is that along his journey he makes new friends, over comes many foes, and in the end…well come see the movie and find out.

With an all star cast, and Hollywood approach to storytelling, Quantum Quest seeks to appeal to everyone, from the science enthusiast to the novice who is fearful or uninterested in science or space exploration. On its surface, Quantum Quest is a sci-fi action film set in a scientifically accurate rendering of our solar system in 3-D stereoscopic. Visually, the film blends computer animation with the fantastic images captured during recent NASA and NASA/ESA space explorations, including the international Cassini Huygens mission. The audience is taken on a simulated solar safari, exploring the inner planets between the Sun and Saturn, and touring the Saturn system's, rings and moons. The film concludes with a Grand Canyon-like flight over the surface of Titan, using image and radar data from Huygens and Cassini space craft.

Science is imparted in the film through its characters (particles and concepts) and the actions they take to save the Cassini-Huygens space craft. Since the inception of the project, the film has been closely reviewed at every stage by JPL for scientific accuracy. The film has been closely reviewed by Fleet Museum, Planetary Society, NASA, ESA, Physics Society and other science organizations to ensure science concepts and all depictions of the Space Discoveries and actions of the Cassini-Huygens space craft are scientifically accurate.

Quantum Quest was produced by Jupiter 9 Productions and Digimax Animation Studio, and Distributed by Jupiter 9 Productions.