Amanda Peet


Amanda Peet - Ranger

Amanda Peet is a film, television and theatre actress who has co-starred in such films as The Whole Nine Yards (Bruce Willis), Syriana (George Clooney; Matt Damon), Something’s Gotta Give (Jack Nicholson) and X-Files: I Want To Believe (David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson). Most recently, she starred opposite Ethan Hawke and Mark Ruffalo in What Doesn’t Kill You, and with Christopher Walken and Sharon Stone in Five Dollars a Day. You can see Amanda Peet in the new X-Files movie, as well as Real Men Cry and 2012. Amanda was born in New York city.

Rayna: Team Core
“Fusion! Thanks for stopping by my webpage. I’m Rayna, a Neutrino Ranger. I serve the CORE in his fight to stop THE VOID. The VOID wants to destroy the entire universe, but I won’t let him do that. If you don’t know what a neutrino is, check out our educational center. Electron Neutrinoes are generated as a result of nuclear fusion in the sun. So like my best friend Dave, I was born in the sun. Serving the Core is cool, you should join us by signing up!”