Janina Gavankar


Janina Gavankar - Niki

Janina Gavankar, whose most notable acting role is that of Papi, a promiscuous lesbian in Showtime’s ground-breaking series The L Word starring Jennifer Beals, is a classically trained pianist, vocalist and orchestral percussionist who has appeared in theatre, commercials, short films as well as features including Barbershop and its sequel, Barbershop2: Back in Business. She also played the role of Ms. Dewey, a garrulous avatar in a cutting-edge Microsoft internet viral marketing campaign for Microsoft’s Live Search engine.

Surfer Girls: Team Core
"I love catching a solar wave, and whipping around the moons of Saturn. Particle physics is my favorite subject in school The universe is full of mysteries, I'm always discovering new things as I tour the solar system. U can learn a lot of awesome things by touring the materials in the educational section. It's full of fun stuff. Learn new things, then Twitter it to your friends.