Brent Spiner


Brent Spiner - Coach

Brent Spiner, a stage, television and film actor, and singer, is best known for his role as Lt. Commander Data in the television and film series Star Trek: The Next Generation. His film career includes a notable role in the blockbuster Independence Day starring Will Smith, and his voice work includes the Star Trek video games, A Final Unity, Hidden Evil and Bridge Commander.

Coach Mackey: Team Core
“There is no game better than Novaball! Novaball is a like a combination of Lacrosse and bumper pool, played with one electron ball and one positron (anti-electron) ball. I coach one of the best team in Sun City called the Solar Winds. My players have a lot of heart and my two best players are Dave and Rayna! Come see them play the millennium championship game in Quantum Quest!”