Sandra Oh

Gal 2000

Sandra Oh - Gal 2000

Sandra Oh is a multi-award winning Canadian-born actress best known for her starring role as Dr. Christina Yang in the ABC series Grey’s Anatomy. She first became a familiar face on the cult HBO television series Arli$$ before emerging as a star in the Oscar-nominated film Sideways. Other notable films include roles in Under the Tuscan Sun and Double Happiness, for which she garnered a Genie Award, the Canadian equivalent of an Oscar.

Gal 2000: Team Core
“I am Cassini’s brain, its central computer. Cassini-Huygens is a real space joint NASA/ESA/ASI mission to explore the Saturn System. The space craft were launched in 1997, reached the Saturn system in 2004 and just completed the first phase of its mission. Quantum Quest is the only place you can see in 3-D many of the great discoveries my sister ship Huygens, and my ship, Cassini have made. You can also see many of my discoveries in the Quantum Quest educational center, as well as play fun games and download cool stuff connected with my mission.”