Samuel L. Jackson


Samuel L. Jackson - Fear

Samuel L. Jackson, one of the world’s highest grossing box office actors, is an international star who has appeared in over seventy films, including Pulp Fiction, Eva’s Bayou and three of the six Star Wars films. Jackson, who has won multiple awards for his film performances, is currently co-starring with Naomi Watts and Annette Bening in Rodrigo Garcia’s Mother and Child, and was recently seen in Neil LaBute’s thriller Lakeview Terrace, Soul Man with the late Bernie Mac, and Frank Miller’s The Spirit, based on Will Eisner’s classic comic book series

Admiral Fear: Team Void
“ I am FEAR itself, and I serve my master THE VOID in his mission to destroy all knowledge and all existence. When you are afraid to learn something, afraid to over come a challenge, I become more powerful. I hate all knowledge because it weakens me. So don’t let teachers pass their knowledge virus to you, be stupid and weak, be fearful of new things, so I can destroy your world.”