Jason Alexander


Jason Alexander - Moronic

Jason Alexander, best known for his role as George Costanza in the iconic sitcom Seinfeld, is an accomplished stage and film actor, singer, comedian and director. Winner of a Screen Actor’s Guild award for Best Supporting Actor (Seinfeld) and a Tony for Jerome Robbins’ Broadway, Alexander has been nominated for seven Emmy awards and four Golden Globes. As a voice actor he played the lead role in the animated cult classic, Duckman, and directed Online, starring Brad Paisley, the 2007 Country Music Association’s Video of the Year Award.

Jason Alexander is the voice for Major Moron. He is General Ignorance’s best friend and, alas, only has a quarter of a brain.

Major Moron: Team Void
“ The keys to being a Major Moron like me are simple. First, make sure you have as little brains as possible, next don’t pay attention at school and don’t use any of the educational materials on the Quantum Quest site (but with all the fun games and downloads that’s hard… I like to play the word search game), and fifth or is that third…uh…I forget. What was I saying…oh you can join THE VOID, become a member of our team, it makes you eligible to win fun prizes.”